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Due to the Covid-19 virus we are unable to use the Takoma Park Middle School this year and have made the extremely difficult decision to cancel our physical festival this year. Instead, we are working on how to showcase our artists, both performance and craft, through digital media. We hope that you will apply to participate in the 2021 Takoma Park Juried Craft Show. Remain safe and well!


Email if you have questions.


Show is open to all artisans who design and execute their own work. Only original work may be offered for sale. Commercially-produced merchandise; imported items; articles assembled from plans, kits or molds; and articles composed primarily of pre-manufactured components are not eligible for exhibit or sale.

General Information: (A downloadable PDF of the General Information is available here.)
Artisans must:

  • Be present to display and sell. (No representatives or dealers allowed.)

  • Have a professional looking display.

  • Provide everything needed to display and sell work.

  • Be responsible for collecting and filing Maryland sales tax.

In addition:

  • Exhibitor’s display must not interfere with adjacent booths or public areas in any way.

  • Limited number of electrical connections available.

  • 6-ft. tables and/or folding chairs may be rented; none are included.

  • No sale, discount, or clearance signs are permitted.

  • No commissions taken on sales.

  • Exhibitors many not sublet or apportion space to anyone else. By special request, two exhibitors may share a booth; but, both artisans must be juried separately.

  • No booth may be dismantled before closing time.

  • Booth must be entirely dismantled and packed prior to bringing your vehicle to the loading area at the end of the show.

Jury Procedure:

All applicants (new and returning exhibitors) must provide four images of their work plus one of their booth. Upload digital images to


Images uploaded should be jpg/jpeg or tiff files. Images can be color-corrected, but not otherwise enhanced. Please that the image number corresponds with the information on your application. 

You must to label your images as follows:
Last Name First Name Item Number Description
Example: DoeChris1Bowl    DoeChris2Plate   DoeChris3Mug   Etc.

Images should accurately represent your work. Please be advised that the Crafts Committee will request the removal of any work that differs from that represented in the submitted images.

The jury evaluates the applications based solely on the images provided. The jury is also given the brief description of the items you provide on the application.

Please note that the Crafts Committee reserves the right to request additional images from any applicant for any reason. If you decline to submit the requested images, your application will be voided. TPFF will keep your $10 Jury Fee, but your Booth Fee will be refunded.

In fairness to all, there will be an on-site jury the morning of the show.

The Crafts Committee strives to provide diversity and ensure that all crafts are proportionally represented. Previous participation in the TPFF does not guarantee that you will be accepted into this show.


Application and Image Submission:

Apply online at or download the PDF craft vendor application and craft show information document.

Upload images online at; be sure to label your images according to the instructions in the Jury Procedure.


  • Booth Fee: $90 for a 10′ x 10′ space. (Refunded if not accepted into show) - or -

  • Shared Booth Fee: $45 to share a 10′ x 10′ space. (Refunded if not accepted into show)

  • Jury Fee: $10 (Non-refundable)


Payment is due by the application deadline. You may pay:

  1. Online at

  2. By check or money order payable to Takoma Park Folk Festival, Inc., mailed to:

TPFF Crafts

7304 Carroll Ave, #192

Takoma Park, MD 20912 


*If mailing a check or a money order, be sure to include the artisan name and contact information used on your application together with your check or money order.


Submission of an application is a commitment to participate in the show if accepted. Booth fee will be refunded if not accepted into show. No refunds will be given after the acceptance notice is sent.

Your booth fee will be refunded if you apply to have work juried in more than one category, and you are accepted in only one category and you do not wish to participate in just one category.



Exhibitors are responsible for their own insurance for displayed work, tools and/ or equipment. The Takoma Park Folk Festival assumes no liability.

The Takoma Park Folk Festival thanks the following organizations for their generous support of the 2020 "Voices Heard" Festival:

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