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Diane Jentilet

Sweep of Sand

She loves creating and she loves design. Not wanting to give up her career as an IT program manager, Diane Jentilet was searching for an opportunity to live her passions. Exploring the Etsy shop, she found the perfect answer. Marketing online would satisfy both the entrepreneurial and very creative side of herself.

Her home décor items reflect her passion for interior design. Diane works in calming neutrals with a “pop” of color. Her items, such as cabinet knobs, picture frames, switch plates, and mirrors, are crafted with boho coastal designs. Many custom-made products match the color from photos from her customers. She is intent on giving people exactly what they are looking for.

From learning to create her own website and graphic design, to social media marketing and pricing, Diane’s true reward is creating an extraordinary piece that will grace people’s homes…pieces that end up in homes all over the world. “It’s just so (much) fun and kind of crazy to think about (my success)”.

She sells online on Etsy, Amazon, and her own Website. Diane lives in Bethesda and is a newcomer to the 2019 Takoma Park Folk Festival.

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