Q&A with the Infidel Castros

The Infidel Castros bring a genre-defying acoustic music influenced by their eclectic tastes and travels. The group is a family act that blends early, melancholy country tunes and passionate, Parisian European jazz.

Q&A with Aaron Tinjum and the Tangents

Aaron Tinjum and the Tangents deliver Texas-tinged folk-rock music with heavy-hitting lyrics. The group recently relocated to D.C. from Austin, Texas, where they were awarded their own musical day – and they’re

Catch up with Lilt

Lilt (Keith Carr and Tina Eck) plays the traditional dance music from Ireland. Jigs and reels, polkas and hornpipes, the occasional slow air or vocal number. With banjo, Irish bouzouki, flute and whistle,

Check in with Ayreheart

Ayreheart’s music is nothing short of mesmerizing. Self-described as lute-driven songs for modern folk, it will transport you to the outside walls of a medieval castle where a troubadour sings a melancholy

Q&A with Cara Kelly and the Tell Tale

Cara Kelly & the Tell Tale bring a rootsy, soulful, rock-and-roll sound that is all their own tinged with just a bit of the psychedelic. Tying together influences from Wyoming to Baltimore

Q&A with Cousin John Band

The Cousin John Band is a WAMMIE nominated Americana-blues-rock band, and is (surprise!) not made up of cousins. John Mobley, Joe Goltz, Tim Howe, and Dave O’Brien have been playing together for

Q&A with Colonel Josh and the Honky Tonk Heroes

Colonel Josh and the Honky Tonk Heroes are making their Folk Festival debut, but for anyone who enjoys catching music at a restaurant or bar, they might be familiar. They’re regulars at

Q&A with Allison Shapira

A self-described “recovering opera singer,” Allison Shapira will be making her TPFF debut this year. Her songs are carefully crafted, beautifully articulated and will stay with the listener for a long time.

Q&A with Lynn Hollyfield

Lynn Hollyfield has a way of gently making her way into a listener’s soul. With a deep, soothing voice and crisp guitar playing, she creates a warm foundation for her songs about

Q&A with Ruthie Logsdon of Ruthie and the Wranglers

Any time Ruthie and the Wranglers take the stage, it’s time for fun. Lead singer/songwriter Ruthie Logsdon and the band have earned 30 Wammies, and they are now emeritus in the Country