Q&A with Lulu’s Fate

Lulu’s Fate has evolved over the years, and we’re delighted that this latest incarnation is returning to the Takoma Park Folk Festival! They’re coming with a new EP, The Blackest Crow, that

Q&A with Kipyn Martin

Raised on the banks of the Shenandoah River, singer-songwriter Kipyn Martin absorbs her surroundings and spins them into beautiful music. With warm and honest lyrics coupled with an unencumbered melody, Kipyn is

Catch up with OCEAN Quartet

OCEAN will be performing on the World Stage at 4 p.m. Mermaids, Green Men, and enchanted carousel horses come alive in the songs of the OCEAN Quartet. The bandleader, WAMMIE award-winning Artist

Crafter Q&A: Laura Hummel

Laura Hummel says she has “always dabbled in the arts and crafts,” but the Bethesda resident is becoming known these days for her mixed-media works that include hand-made books, collage, and 3-D

Crafter Q&A: Michelle Burns, Mystic Water Soap

It’s one thing to make art that people like to look at. It’s another thing to make art that people touch and use and smell. That’s where Michelle Burns comes in. A

Crafter Q&A: Linda Jacobson, Linda’s Leaves

Linda Jacobson turns one of the more mundane elements of daily life—concrete—into something organic. Her leaves, cast from real life and tinted with yellows, greens and terracotta, are adornments inside a home

Crafter Q&A: Nancy DeMulder, By JewelArtist

Drawing on years of jewelry design, repair and teaching, Nancy DeMulder brings a wide variety of influences to her work. As she returns to the Folk Festival, her earrings, pins, bracelets, pendants

Crafter Q&A: Rebecca Grace Jones, mixed media

Rebecca Grace Jones has been showing at the Folk Festival for almost 20 years. Her mixed-media works cut across many artistic genres, from painting to work with found objects to sculpture. Our

Q&A with Karen Jonas

Karen Jonas is a singer-songwriter with a knack for storytelling. She shares swinging country ditties, aching love songs, and dirty jokes. She tells stories of outlaws, gamblers, migrant farmers, and the humble

Q&A with The Honest Mistakes

The Honest Mistakes are headed by Chris Ehrich and Joylene Dalia—musicians who became husband-and-wife—and completed by John Breitmeyer (drums) and Kevin Riordan (bass). Making, writing, and performing music is a way of