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Beneficiary Groups

Beneficiary groups are a tremendously important element of the Takoma Park Folk Festival. They make up the largest number of volunteers that help us execute the Festival during both setup on Saturday and all day on Sunday before, during, and even after the Festival.

In exchange for providing a group of volunteers to help us during the weekend of the Festival, your organization can earn a donation based on the number of volunteer hours provided by your group.

Contact if your group would like to learn more and/or sign up to become a beneficiary group.

(Just looking for the list of beneficiary groups participating in the Festival?)

Your Role:

  • Publicize the need for volunteers to your organization in advance and get people to sign up with you.

  • Coordinate with your volunteers to schedule people in shifts.

  • Notify us of how many people we can expect from your organization, their ages (if under 18), and interests/abilities.

  • Make sure your volunteers know where to go and when to be there.

  • Make sure your volunteers sign out at the end of their shift.

  • Communicate to your volunteers the importance of showing up; no-shows short-change us of needed help and your organization of needed funds.


  • We will work to match your group up with volunteer roles that best suit your interests and your available volunteers but we can't guarantee any specific roles. We may even change roles at the last minute if we need help in another area.

  • No volunteers under 6 years of age are permitted.

  • If a majority of your volunteers are under age 18, the group must provide at least 1 adult for every 6 minors.

  • Some volunteer roles have minimum age requirements.

  • Students who are eligible to earn SSL hours may choose to do so, but their time will not count toward volunteer hours for the donation to your organization.

  • Volunteers are expected to work at least one 2-hour shift, but can stay longer if they want.

  • Volunteers should plan to be busy on Festival activities during their entire shift; please keep distractions (cellphones, breaks, etc.) to a minimum.  We don't want to be too strict about this, but we really need your help and want you to be "present" for us.

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