Food Vendors

Covid-19 Update: Because of the uncertainty of holding events in the next several months, please continue to apply to express your interest in being a part of a 2020 Takoma Park Festival, but withhold payment. 


We will contact you by June 15, to let you know whether there will be any changes to the plan for food sales. If you have already submitted payment, it will be refunded if the Festival cannot be held as planned.

We welcome applications from all kinds of food vendors. Our goal is to provide as wide a variety of options for our attendees and participants as possible.

(Just looking for the list of food vendors at this year's festival instead?)

(PDF version of food vendor information and application coming soon.)

Email if you have questions.

Fees for 2020:



You may pay:

  1. Online at

  2. By check or money order to:

Takoma Park Folk Festival, Inc.
ATTN: Food Vendor Fees
7304 Carroll Ave. #192
Takoma Park, MD  20912. 

Selection Criteria:
We will have no more than 22 food vendors with the widest variety and least overlap that we can, given the applications we receive. Preference may be given for local vendors.


Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel by August 1, your entire payment will be refunded. However, if you cancel after August 1 or fail to appear at the Festival, your fee is not refundable.


County Health Rules:

  • If you are accepted as a food vendor, you must also apply for and receive a Special Food Service Facility License (also known as a Temporary Event License) from the Montgomery County Health & Human Services Department. This is mandatory—there will be food inspectors onsite checking permits and ensuring that regulations are followed. For instructions and application forms, call 240-777-3986 or see:

  • The Health Department requires that all food preparation be done onsite unless you have access to a kitchen approved by the Department. If your kitchen is outside Montgomery County, it still must be approved by the Montgomery County Health Department since your food will be vended in our County. If you have questions, call the Health Department at 240-777-3986.

  • You will need to be set up at the Festival by 10:00 a.m. for the Health Department inspection.


Food and Drink Selections:

  • You are encouraged to sell beverages such as fruit drinks, iced tea, soda, or spring water in addition to your food menu.

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.


Acceptable Containers and Utensils:

  • The City of Takoma Park has a strict ban on styrofoam! Vendor Code Chapter 8.12 prohibits the use of Styrofoam and similar food service ware, including #6 plastic cups (e.g. Solo cups). Failure to comply will result in immediate shutdown and dismissal from festival. Visit for more information.

  • Plastic straws are also likely to banned in Takoma Park by the date of the festival.

  • Use only compostable plates, cups, and food containers.

  • We prefer that you bring compostable eating utensils but we will allow plastic eating utensils (spoons, forks, knives).

  • Do not bring Styrofoam, plastic, or containers/cups marked as “recyclable” because we cannot recycle or compost them.

  • TPFF is environmentally friendly, and we recycle bottles and cans.  We will again compost the festival’s food waste, cups, and food containers.  


Booth Set-Up Rules:

  • Set up begins at 7:00 am and booths should be open for service at 11:00 am. Please do not arrive earlier than 7:00 am or later than 10:00 am.

  • Your booth will be 10’ on the front and 15 – 20’ deep.

  • You provide your own tables and all other equipment. You will be outside, rain or shine, on blacktop or grass.

  • If you use a deep fryer, you must put a protective covering (such as cardboard) under the area of the fryer to protect the sidewalk, blacktop, or grass from the grease.



  • We normally supply electricity—typically one plug (110 V, 20 amp) per vendor.  Please tell us on your application that you need electricity, and how much electricity you need. If you need more than 20 amps (or more than one outlet) we must know in advance.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: We are looking at new electricity options this year and do not yet know at this time if we will be able to provide electricity as we have in the past.  Feel free to contact us closer to the festival date to confirm what we can provide if you have any questions.

  • Bring long (50’ long) heavy-duty extension cords.

  • You may bring a generator, but do not turn it on unless we cannot provide you electricity.


Water and Ice:

  • Water will be supplied through a hose on the loading dock or other locations.

  • If you would be interested in ordering ice through us, let us know in advance. We purchase some ice for the festival, and we would be glad to put in an order for you along with ours. Otherwise, you are responsible for bringing your own ice.


Grills and Deep Fryers:

  • All grills must be at least 25 feet away from the building for fire safety reasons.

  • You may not dispose of used cooking oil in the garbage. You must take it back with you.



  • There may be parking for one vehicle per vendor on-site; if we cannot accommodate your vehicle on-site, we will provide a space in the nearest available parking lot.

  • Additional vehicles need to be parked offsite.


Booth Housekeeping and Tear Down:

  • Please bring one large trash container to put next to your booth. Our volunteers will empty the trash container during the day.

  • You may begin tear down at 6:00 pm. You may move your vehicle at approximately 6:30 pm (once bus pickup has ceased). Do not start earlier because it is disruptive to people who are entering or leaving the Festival grounds.

  • We have a central trash dropoff location, and you are responsible for getting your trash to that location or taking it out with you. Do not leave with trash still in your area.

  • Please finish your teardown by 8:00 pm.

  • Please do everything you can to minimize grease spills. We have to pay extra money to a cleaning crew to powerwash all grease areas.