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Voting Information

Make your voice heard by voting in the election on November 3, 2020.  All area jurisdictions have plans in place to make voting as safe as can be during a pandemic AND as secure as ever.

Start now to ensure you are registered and that you have requested a mail ballot or plan to vote in person, and then learn about the candidates and the issues.


District of Columbia:





Candidates and Issues:

For a guide to candidates and issues on your local ballot in November, visit the VOTE411 website provided by the nonpartisan League of Women Voters.

Community Links

City of Takoma Park Board of Elections
Phone: 301-891-7267

City of Takoma Park Emergency Preparedness/Police Department
Phone: 301-891-7126


City of Takoma Park Housing and Community Development Department
Phone: 301-651-6764


City of Takoma Park Recreation

City of Takoma Park Sustainability

Sustainability Initiatives of the City of Takoma Park

Social Justice Organizations

The following organizations have all identified themselves as having a social justice mission, in whole or in part.  Please visit their websites and support them as they support us by making sure that community voices are heard!

Amnesty International Group 297

Amnesty International Group 297 Logo

We are the Takoma Park/Silver Spring chapter of the world's largest human rights organization. We are working currently on behalf of prisoners in Burundi and Belarus, among other issues.

The Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County

The Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County Logo

CRCMC works to create peace in the community by offering free conflict resolution tools like mediation to help manage and prevent conflicts. Together we better the community Peace by Peace!

Contact us at:

Phone: 301-652-0717



Dining for Women

Dining for Women Logo

Dining for Women kicks gender injustice to the curb one country at a time! We e-meet with women on the front

lines of breaking chains & gender barriers to ensure women of color have power globally!

Contact us at:

Phone: 202-415-9757



Interfaith Families Project of Greater Washington (IFFP)

Interfaith Families Project Logo

IFFP has three Tikkun Olam Groups:  Environmental Working Group, Racial Justice Group, Immigration & Refugee Assistance Group (Tikkun Olam - a Jewish term meaning "repair the world").

Contact us at:

Phone: 301-770-6337


Labor Heritage Foundation

Labor Heritage Foundation Logo

We bring synergy, heart and soul to the labor movement, enhancing its 

passion for equality, fair labor standards and practices, and a just society. 

Contact us at:
Phone: 202-639-6204

City of Takoma Park Youth Council
Phone: 301-648-8031


Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Department
Phone: 240-773-8954

Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area

Lutheran Social Services Logo

LSSNCA walks with those in need and mobilizes community partners to provide services that offer hope and rebuild lives through refugee resettlement & foster care.

Contact us at:


Machar The Washington Congregation of Secular Humanistic Judaism

Machar The Washington Congregation of Secular Humanistic Judaism Logo

Tikkun Olam roughly translates to "repair of the world."

Machar’s Tikkun Olam efforts focus on both bigger-picture activism and policy advocacy as well as volunteer community service efforts.

Phone: 202-686-1881



Maryland Folklife Archives

Maryland Folklife Archives Logo

The Maryland Folklife Archives at UMBC contain archived field research materials on traditional arts/cultures from Maryland-based communities, with whom the materials are collaboratively stewarded.

Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America - Montgomery County Local Group

Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America - Montgomery County Local Group Logo

Black Americans are disproportionately impacted by gun violence with 10 times the gun homicides 

and 3 times the fatal police shootings of white Americans. Without justice, we cannot end gun violence.

Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition

Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition Logo

Since 2010, MCCRC has been working on police accountability (as a founding member of SSJC), supporting immigrants' rights,

opposing Islamophobia, and bystander intervention training.  Join us!

Contact us at:
Phone: 240-462-5973

Montgomery County Renters Alliance

Montgomery County Renters Alliance Logo

The Renters Alliance is dedicated exclusively to advancing renters' rights, providing renter outreach, education, organizing and advocacy.

Contact us at:

Phone: 301-588-3987



Right Care Alliance

Right Care Alliance Logo

The RCA is fighting for a health system in which health care is universal, affordable, effective, equitable, and just; patients are informed decision makers; and communities are empowered stewards.

Shirat HaNefesh

Shirat HaNefesh Logo

Shirat HaNefesh, Song of the Soul: an eclectic Jewish congregation rooted in community, music, and social justice.

Priorities for the year include fighting racism and supporting affordable housing.

Contact us at:

Phone: 240-292-9450

Small Things Matter

Small Things Matter Logo

STM Kokua Foods fights inequalities in the food system based on race and socioeconomic status by providing food insecure families with access to healthy food options.

Contact us at:

Phone: 202-669-8550



Takoma Park Community Band

Community musical group that performs concerts at local sites for events such as the TP July Fourth celebration, Black History month and the Fort Stevens commemoration.

Contact us at:

Phone: 301-585-5832

Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School

Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School Logo

If we believe nature is defined as pristine spaces, then we are supporting access to nature only for an elite population. Nature is everywhere. Children belong outside; it belongs to ALL children.

Contact us at:
Phone: 301-585-7272

TPSS Co-op

TPSS Co-op Logo

TPSS Co-op promotes healthful living by offering wholesome foods, high-quality produce, and community resources in a clean, friendly, and cooperative grocery store…that you can own!

Contact us at:

Phone: 301-891-2667



Washington Revels

Washington Revels Logo

Promoting racial and social justice by elevating diverse

voices in performance and conversation in our ongoing Daily Antidote of Song program and in our upcoming 2020 “Season of Reveling” this fall!

Contact us at:
Phone: 301-587-3835

The Takoma Park Folk Festival thanks the following organizations for their generous support of the 2020 "Voices Heard" Festival:

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