We offer you the opportunity to join the 40+ year lineage of PERFORMING at the Takoma Park Folk Festival! What began as a group of musicians trying to save a local theater has grown into an event that celebrates one of the broadest definitions of "folk" music on the East Coast. We want to highlight the diverse music of the FOLK of our community--so if you are based in the greater D.C. region* and want to DONATE your time to one of the biggest all-volunteer outdoor music festivals in the country--please apply!  We get hundreds of applications every year and only have limited space, but we proudly listen to every application--to give us time to do that, the application deadline is April 1.

*Performers MUST be based in the D.C. region, which includes D.C., Maryland, northern and central Virginia, eastern West Viriginia, southern Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Questions? Email; please note that we get too many emails from musicians and agents to respond to promotional messages, but we will answer real questions.

The 2019 application is closed; come back in February 2020 to apply for the 2020 festival.
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