2018 Food

No festival is complete without great food! All food vendors are located at the front of the school, and we have a shaded Picnic Area near the Grove Stage for you to eat in outdoor comfort.


CAP MAC Macaroni and cheese, with variations

CEREMONY COFFEE Cold-brewed coffee, multiple variations


CHEF HOGATE Beef kabob, chicken teriyaki, fried rice, lo mein, egg rolls, fried plantain, various tropical juices and coconut juice

DELIGHTS OF THE GARDEN Veggie burger, veggie burrito wrap, curry vegetables with rice, raw food platter, lemonade

EL POLLO SUBMARINE Salvadoran chicken sub, rice and beans, tostada, pupusa taco, yuca fries, horchata, tamarindo

HARDY’S BBQ FOOD TRUCK Sandwiches: pulled pork, pulled chicken, beef brisket, ribs, sides

KITCHEN HOUSE BY CHEF STATION Grilled chicken on a stick, vegetable lo mein, egg rolls, corn on the cob, and more

NITTAYA’S GRILL Chicken teriyaki, fish sandwich, spring roll, lo mein, fried rice, soda, water, tea

SHERRI’S CRAB CAKES Crab cake sandwich, platter, crab soup

SUYA TO GO African jerk chicken, Nigerian chicken kabobs, spinach stew, jollof rice, plantains, cabbage

TK GRILL Chicken teriyaki, egg roll, veggie noodles, veggie fried rice

YUMMY FOOD CORNER & GRILL Chicken yakitori, pad Thai, fried rice, yaki soba, spring rolls, corn dogs, smoothies, Thai tea, lemonade