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BEN AND JERRY’S (food truck)

Ice cream by the scoop or pint, root beer float


CHEF HOGATE '85 (front of school)

Beef kabob, chicken thai teriyaki, drunken noodles, pad thai, egg rolls, fried plantain, fresh fruit drinks, thai iced tea, coconut juice


COOKIE YAY (back of school)

Gourmet egg-free artisan cookies with

vegan, low-sugar, and gluten-free options


DC SLICES (food truck)

NY Style pizza, waffle fries, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings


ICY CONCESSIONS (back of school)

Shaved ice, smoothies in a pineapple, frozen lemonade


HARDY’S BBQ (food truck)

BBQ sandwiches (pulled pork, pulled chicken, Half smokes w/chili, fries, potato salad, slaw


MUOI TIEU (food truck)

Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches), shrimp salad, tuna tartare, summer rolls, Vietnamese iced coffee, juices


NITTAYA GRILL (front of school)

BBQ chicken, vegetable fried rice, vegetable lo mein, vegetable egg roll, lemonade


PJ’s COFFEE (back of school)

(Flavored) iced coffee and beignets,
lemonade, iced tea, Arnold Palmer, boosted teas, Red Bull


SHERRI’S CRAB CAKES (front of school)

Crab cake sandwich, crab mac & cheese, crab cake platter, lemonade, iced tea 


SOKO (front of school)

Grilled and vegan foods.  


SUYA TO GO (front of school)

African jerk chicken, Nigerian chicken kabobs, spinach stew, jollof rice, plantains, cabbage, lemonade, fried oreo


TK GRILL (front of school)

Chicken teriyaki, veggie noodles, veggie fried rice, veggie egg roll, lemonade 

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