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Randall A. Williams

Raw Paper Art

A native of Texas, Randall moved to Rockville in 2005 to attend graduate school, and never looked back. He was awed by an exhibit of ink and paint works by Micheline Klagsbrun, a local Washington, D.C. artist, and was equally enthralled by the carved books of Guy Laramee. At age 35, Randall Williams found his passion. He cuts paper and combines it with acrylic paints, ink, and glass, creating layered, expressive images. Fly Away, his first piece, is a triptych depicting someone watching the heavens and being lifted from their current state.

He likes surprising people. Thinking he still has a lot to learn, Randall introduces folks to paper as a fine art medium. He enjoys losing himself in the small details and hopes his viewers will find joy in his carefully executed pieces, which convey his love for nature’s vast beauty and stories of fantastical creatures. He wants his work to express the movement and dynamism which defines his world.

Randall will be selling his small and medium pieces at this year’s Takoma Park Folk Festival. He currently lives in Takoma Park and has shown his work at ART HOP. He works on commission as well, and plans to begin exploring narrative themes in his work.

Laurie Summers


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