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Rayna Pazmino

Pazmino Ceramics

Her mother was her inspiration. A potter who encouraged her daughter to take pottery classes as a child. Rayna Pazmino found a true love and decided to pursue pottery as a career. Her work reflects a constant exploration of her desire to keep growing as an artist. “Always improving upon my current ones is something that constantly keeps me busy”.

Rayna is a Maryland native and a teacher in Hyattsville. She has shown her work at festivals/markets throughout the DMV area, the Hyattsville Arts and ales Festival, Art on The Avenue, and the Takoma Park folk festival in 2017.

Her hope for people seeing her work is that while it may be something as simple as a mug, the designs and excitement conveyed in her handmade ceramics can greatly enhance a person’s everyday life. Making beautiful items such as bowls, platters, and flower pots that are functional and comfortable to use is essential to keeping connected with others.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this wonderful festival once again (this year). The selection of handmade items is fantastic, and I look forward to meeting new people from the community.”

Laurie Summers


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