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Emoke Gaidosch

​Costa Cosmetics

Emoke Gaidosch is the cosmetic formulator, chemist, and designer of CostaCosmetics, offering chemical free, natural ingredients. All her soaps are hand-crafted and multifunctional. Costa Cosmetics was created to honor her father, who also was a chemist and helped her to fall in love with the world of science.

It all began when she tried fine soap making and began collecting design ideas from the environment around her. Emoke has a Master’s degree in general chemistry and physics, post-grad work in environmental management, and studied a year in a cosmetician school in Hungary, where she is originally from. With over 10 years experience in making soaps with natural oils, milks, herbal teas, and other natural additives, her favorite soaps are made with a high percentage of olive oil, and goat milk or coconut milk and herbal tea. Colorful clays add vibrant color and essential oils give an aromatic scent.

Her vision is to reduce the consumption of unnecessary cosmetic products. While providing an all-healthy plastic-free cosmetic package for her customer's daily skincare, she can reduce the plastic pollution on the environment.

Costa Cosmetics, in addition to appearing at the Takoma Park Folk Festival, can be seen at Things From Egypt and Beyond in Takoma Park, and has been featured at many local craft shows as well as on Etsy. Her natural soaps were also featured in 2016 in the book ‘Naturally Saponified 2: An International Gallery of Artisan Soaps (Naturally Saponified Series)’ written by Daryl Gessner and Patricia Gessner.

Emoke lives in Chevy Chase and will be exhibiting her Vegan Triple Coconut/Shea butter/Bamboo soap; goatmilk soaps; felted soaps; and shampoo and conditioner bars. Come and be delighted!

Laurie Summers


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