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David Camero

He creates wonderful and very colorful masks along with playful theatrical pieces reflecting his need for open communication with others.

At the age of 7, David fell in love with the “Beaux Arts”. He has built his work around a life style of combining the visual arts and many diverse artistic expressions. Shakespeare and Rabalais were two of the many people who have inspired him and helped him meet his first artistic goals. David is a painter, performance actor, poet. Master teacher and artistic director.

He was born in Caracas and has studied Art and Literature at the University Central of Venezuela. After receiving a B.A. in Literature he moved to France to study theater of the Ecole Jacques Lecoq.

In the 1990’s David returned to Venezuela and founded his entertainment company, the Integral Arts Studio (Taller de Artes Integrales). He wrote his thesis “Buffoon Impression” on Jesters and Fools iconography.

Since 2004, David has been living in Washington, D.C. where he teaches and exhibits his work throughout the Capital region. He recently founded the ALACP/Art Latinx American Collective Project featuring artists from Latin America who are living on the east coast.

You can find him on Facebook as David Camero ( ALACP-PLACA) and Instagram as @CameroDavid729.

Please stop by to see (and buy!) David’s amazing work at the Takoma Park Folk Festival.


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